Our Services

  • Our bread and butter. We relish taking on big projects and turning them into reality.

    • Bespoke CMS development
    • E-commerce Solutions
    • Intranet solutions
  • Website Design is where art meets science.
    We'll guide you through the obstacles.

    • Dealing with multiple browsers
    • Creating a design both beautiful and fast
    • Dealing with accessibility concerns
  • A website isn't done the day it goes live. To get the full value over the lifetime of the website, you may need

    • Ongoing support
    • Performance analysis
    • Search engine optimisation
    • Further development
  • Do you need to get up to speed with Drupal? We can help you get off to a flying start. Courses include

    • Module development
    • Theme development
  • Drupal is one of the most secure web platforms available, but we can offer further services to give you peace of mind.

    • Security reviews
    • Code audits
    • Server configuration
  • Annertech can provide you with a hosting solution for your website. Options include:

    • Shared hosting
    • Virtual private servers
    • Dedicated servers
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We're often asked by clients and potential clients if there are any courses which will give them a good hands-on view of Drupal, what it does, and how to do it. And now we can say, yes there is.

Aside from bespoke training which we do on a regular basis for clients, we've decided to provide a public training day which is open to anybody. The course presented is Acquia's "Drupal in a day" , and participants will receive a full course manual.

NALA's homepage

Annertech started working with NALA in 2012 to redevelop their site in Drupal 7. The initial phase of the project focused on a major site re-architecture to make it easier to navigate and find information quickly and easily. The outcome of this phase was a detailed site map and wireframes which we used as the basis for mapping out the rest of the project.

Get Involved landing page

iQ Content approached Annertech in June 2011 with a view to outsourcing the site build and implementation of a custom theme. The main aims of the project were to:


The Alliance had an existing Drupal 5 website to which it wanted to make some modifications, including the addition of social media elements and improvements to the site structure and navigation. As Drupal 7 had just been released, Annertech recommended upgrading the website as part of the proposal.


In July 2011, GLEN invited Annertech to tender for the development of a new sub-site, "Excellence in Diversity", aimed at promoting awareness of gay and lesbian issues in the workplace. The site revolves around an online diversity tool allowing companies and organisations to benchmark how effective they are in supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender diversity in the workplace.